Raj @ Universal
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TimePosted 16/05/2010 21:32:50

Serious cement buyer


 We are looking to import cement into the Africa region from India subcontinent. There will be multiple drops.  Investors have good solid contacts and relationships which result in strong growth potential and long term sustainability.

Basic requirements 42.5 , portland cement in 50g bags housed in 1.5 kg  sling bags.

Can you provide FOB price.

Please contact by forum or directly on universal.importation@gmail.com

Full credentials will have to be exchanged due to the sensitive nature of the enquiry.





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Guo Xinjian
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TimePosted 15/10/2010 10:18:49

Re: Serious cement buyer

Hello Sir

 This is LUis guo from China cement producer.

we propproduce and export PO42.5 to many coutunties.

Plesase cantact me.


Luis guo

email: zibogreatwall@yahoo.com

phone : 0086-533-2188700

msn: luis4213@hotmail.com



Cement Suppliers
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TimePosted 18/10/2010 12:24:03

Re: Serious cement buyer

Hi Raj,

Have you had any success yet with seeking a reliable Cement Supplier?

Please visit Cement Exporters where we can supply OPC 42.5 grade all the way up to 53 grade. We deal DIRECTLY with Cement Manufacturers in Pakistan so there are no added commissions or agent payments.

 The FOB prices we quote our clients come directly from the manufacturer so the client gets the cheapest possible deal. We also work in partnership with Pakistan based Bulk Shippers so our clients receive the best freight rates in the region.

Current cement manufacturer FOB = $52 /MT (OPC 42.5)

 What part of Africa do you need to export cement to?


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TimePosted 15/05/2011 16:28:57

Re: Serious cement buyer

Hi ..

Could you please define which part of AFRICA,,,,,any way if you still interested please contact me as below for Jordanian or Suodi cement.



00962 6 580 2481