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TimePosted 02/06/2010 01:00:41
BK says

% Chloride limit

Dear all,

We are getting frequent stoppages due to cyclone jamming with heavy coating 5th stage and coating analysis result is:

Al2O3  = 3.48

Fe2O3 = 4.66

Mgo    =  1.23

Cao     = 36.52

SiO2   =  11.38

SO3    =  0.428

CL      =  1.80

What is the Limit for chloride% in Kiln Feed and how to reduce the chlorides in Kiln Feed.

What are the effects will get in kiln operation if chlorides are higher side.

with regards




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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 02/06/2010 08:56:06

Re: % Chloride limit

Chloride commonly concentrates by around 100x in the hot meal so 0.02% input on clinker in kiln feed and fuels is normally the maximum that can be tolerated without the need to install a bypass. The effects of high chloride inputs are those you are experiencing, i.e. frequent preheater blockages. Dependent on the detail of your process you might be able to break the cycle by diversion of some dust to the cement mills, but that depends on whether the dust is separate to the mill product at any stage. If so the first step would be to analyse the dust for chloride content.