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TimePosted 14/06/2010 11:37:46
faslan says

oxygen level for 4 stage-SP kiln

We have installed the kiln inlet gas analyzer, here the measurements of the ID fan and kiln inlet gas analyzers

             Kiln Inlet    ID fan                                                                                       CO  (%)          2        0,2

O2   (%)        0,3       3,6

NOx (ppm)    420     210

Kiln inlet temperature is 1130 C, Sintering zone is 1460 C, Secondary air is 996 C. 94 tph clinker production rate.

The kiln is firing 100% petcoke. 2250 tpd capacity. 840 kcal/kg is specific heat consumption.

If the O2 level is true for both then there should be an opened man-hole for that much of air inleakage. But i couldn't such a hole. What 's your comment on this?

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TimePosted 18/06/2010 08:10:23

Re: oxygen level for 4 stage-SP kiln

if you see the percentage leakages across the preheater that is

3.6 - 0.3                  = 18.6%

21 - 3.6

Which is slightly higher than the normally observed value of 10 - 15% i would doubt that this is really due to opened man-hole door??

the propable area you should check with "Ultra Sonic leak detector" are

1) poking holes

2) Welding joints if any

3) Cyclone door seals 

4) flap dampers

i am sure if you attend this you will easily arrest your leakages

I Hope this works..


Raza Hussaini