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TimePosted 29/10/2010 17:45:37

Still Using Blaine?

Who out there is using Blaine method for fineness?  If you are , would love to hear from you.  How are you compensating for different densities?  And if you are using laser diffraction, who is running dry, and who is running in alcohol dispersion? Anyone using B.E.T. surface area measurements?


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TimePosted 30/10/2010 04:16:15
Dastgir says

Re: Still Using Blaine?

Dear Quant,

The volume for bed in air permeability cell is approximately fixed. You can find specific gravity of sample using Le chat flask and thus taking 50 % porous bed you can calculate the required weight of sample and after that exact volume of the bed (50 % porosity) can be found out with mercury.

Though in standard method, for OPC the sg is always considered 3.20 and therefore weight is comes out to be 2.80.( height of bed 15 mm and dia 12.7 mm)



Gulam Dastgir