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TimePosted 08/03/2011 15:46:58
Ahmed says

Bypass ESP Collection

Hello to everyone,

 We are having Bypass ESP designed for 50 % of the kiln waste gas to be bypass, but normal running operation is 35 % of the gas, but now only 18 % of the kiln gas is we are extracting to bypass ESP, here to control the MC temp. 375 Deg.C  we use quench air fan  which will run in auto with respect to MC temp.

At 35 % of the bypass quench air volume is : 175000 M3/hr, but now

only 120000 M3/hr this is Minimum flow , and my MC temp. also cannot touch  375 Deg.

and maintain at 340 Deg 


My question is:

1) What are the possible reasons for decreasing collection efficiency.

2) If I do not use quench air fan, and directly I will extract gases from kiln then what will happen ( i.e I dont want to quench the kiln gases, directly I will extract to Bypass ESP by maintaining temp. 375 Deg C using any small additional fan with capacity 80000 M3/hr to 110000M3/hr)


Thanking You


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