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TimePosted 09/03/2011 20:09:03
Jeka says

sell cement

Dear Sir  
we are the European representative of big Consortsium the owner of most branded manufcturers of cement all around the world... we deal from Year 2002 and we have good markt reputation.  
Please, If You are looking for End supplier of cement please contact us by e-mail with your official request. Please be so kind to send simple LOI with stamp and signature on letterheads to check your company and to provide You good service and real product. Please note, that we receiving every days around 1000 mails from diferens buyers. users, brokers... but we will accept only attachments scaned or PDF files from end buyers, customers or official representatives to calculate You price and offer from real and genious seller  
Thank You for your attentions  
Our mail for your requests:


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