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TimePosted 14/09/2011 12:02:49

Urgent Request for Cement

As a large Russian distributor we need cement from Spain.

Quantity: 500 000 tons (April – October, 2012)

Type: CEM I 42.5 (bulk or in 1.5 MT big bags)

Destination: Novorossiysk, Russia

Terms: CIF Novorossiysk

This request is very urgent. Please send your offers with specification of manufacturer and price to russiancement2005@gmail.com


Anna Ivankova


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TimePosted 13/10/2011 10:20:55
amismail says

Re: Urgent Request for Cement


 We supply OPC CEM I 42.5 & 52.5 as per BS -EN standards .

Russian market have been always supplied by ourside and cosidered as one of our tartaegic markets and we are always able to provide sepcial prices for this market

our email address trading@asecement.com