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VALOXY® a low cost, sustainable source of alumina for cement production

VALOXY is a low cost and effective source of alumina for cement production. The material, derived from a recycling process, has a nominal alumina content of approximately 70%

VALOXY is produced by RVA which recycles salt slags produced by the aluminium refining industry. RVA is located at Les Islettes, 200 km east of Paris.

The physical and chemical properties of VALOXY suggest several potential benefits in cement production:


These include:

·         Fluoride content (fluorspar) which acts as sintering aid and mineralizer. This can improve fluxing properties and reduce burning temperature for some compositions in white cement

·         Early setting via the formation of calcium aluminates

·         Fine particle size distribution reduces milling energy requirement compared to lumpy alumina raw materials

·         High alumina content gives enhanced flexibility in choices of raw material mix formulation - high alumina equivalent of around 70% yields significantly more alumina per truck load relative to conventional alumina sources, hence reducing transportation cost.

·         Exothermic oxidation of aluminium residue in the VALOXY produces heat and reduces fuel costs

·         VALOXY is supplied at around 25% moisture content. This facilitates transportation in bulk

·         VALOXY has no adverse effect on the environment


We would be pleased to send technical information and a sample for evaluation. We produce 50,000 tonnes VALOXY per annum.

Details about our company can be found at


For more information please contact me directly at:


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