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TimePosted 23/09/2011 12:31:10

O-Sepa Seperator Efficiency

Dear All Expert,

What is the rate of primer and seconder air of O-Sepa seperator?

Our seperator's air requirement is 3500 m3/dk, 3500*60=210.000 (max). If we make more suction from seperator, What happen to efficiency of the seperator?

Finally, Does O-sepa need tertiary air which on conical area?



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TimePosted 29/09/2011 13:18:31
viswam says

Re: O-Sepa Seperator Efficiency

Dear Mr.Denizhan 98,


There are 3 forces which decide the separation efficiency in the modern days separators viz. the drag force of the separation air, centrifugal force of the separator rotor and gravitational force of the particle. As we all know the gravitational force cannot be changed whereas the performance of the separator depends on the other 2 forces and hence we have to draw out an equlibrium in between the drag force of the separation air and centrifugal force created by the separator rotor.  It is a thumb rule that for the O sepa

and top feeding separators the separation air quantity shall be maintained at 1Nm3/2000gms of material to be separated.