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TimePosted 19/03/2012 14:38:41
elminia says

Air Volume required for 1 kg Coal burning (5600kcal/kg)

Dear All,

Please help me and tell me how much air is required for 1 kg coal for completely combustion.

How you calculated?

Our kiln has not enough secondary air for completely combustion





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TimePosted 20/03/2012 14:44:02

re Air Volume required for 1 kg Coal burning (5600kcal/kg)

Hello Dimitry,

To Determine the Stoichiometric (Theorotical) quantity of air required for a kg of coal, complete ultimate analysis of coal along with Higher heating value (preferably lower heating value) is required.

However you have mentioned, only 5600 kcal/kg ? it is not clear whether the value is, GHV or LHV ?

Nevertheless, it appears that the above said coal is high volatile Bituminous coal, Typically for this of coal the quantity of air required will be approximatley 8-11 kg air/kg coal (This value can be theorotically calculated using dulongs formula).

There appears to be anomaly, Why there is no sufficient secondary air in kiln? (Which should have been sufficiently designed, considering said coal). More than quantity of air, explore the possibilitis of "very high leakages" or "insufficinet draught" in PH fan..