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re Clinker compressive strength

Hello Hongminh,

With respect to the pure clinker minerals C3S has by far the greatest impact on 28d strength.(~50MPa)  C2S is a lot slower to hydrate and after 28days pure C2S has hardly reached one fifth the strength of C3S. (<10MPa)

So, on a purely mineralogical basis, you would do far better to increase C3S content rather than C2S.  In fact, by increasing C2S, at the expense of C3S, you could actually decrease the compressive strength of the cement

 Remember also that clinker mineral composition is only part of the 28d strength equation. As Silastman has already mentioned, cement PSD plays an important role.

To maximise strength you need to maximise the fraction of particles between 3 and 30 microns. This is because below about 3 microns the particles hydrate very fast and so contribute almost exclusively to early strength (particularly 1d strength), while above 30 microns the particles are too large to fully hydrate in 28 days.





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re Clinker compressive strength

Here you try to improve the PSD in cement say residue on R5 mic - 80% max.This will improve your cement one day strength 25% min to the present level.