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TimePosted 29/04/2012 12:52:10

Introducing a Precalciner

Dear Sir,
We are planning to install a small dry rotary cement kiln ( dia. 2.5m x 44m length) with 4-stage preheater. There will bea Grate cooler as well. Estimated production is 300 ton/day.

The question is that would it be technically feasible to insert a Precalciner in this small kiln. How much proportion of coal can be burned in this PC as compared to the main kiln burner. How much production increase can we expect as compared to operating the kiln with just 4-stage preheater.




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TimePosted 24/05/2012 18:02:54

re Introducing a Precalciner

We are also building a similar size 4 satge preheater kiln. Please contact me directly so we can exchange information. kpostle@cement-process.com


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TimePosted 09/06/2012 07:13:46

re Introducing a Precalciner

Hello Asam,

Technically speaking inserting calciner in such capacity should not be concern. It is the temperature of calcination that determines the ratio of fuel (in calciner and main burner) which in turn depends on chemistry of Rawmix. however, in general one can say for a typical bituminous coal fuel ration in calciner should be around 55-65%.

Volumetric loading is the main parameter that limits dimensions of kiln (for a given production) for your case of 300 tpd and given kiln dimensions. it comes around 1.87 tpd/m3 (which is slightly on the lower side for PH kilns - in other words kiln size is safely selected for given capacity).

As per design standards volumetric loading of 5 tpd/m3 is technically allowed for PC kilns. however in your case pier stresses, gear size (for rpm) and other kiln parameters have to be carefully assesed to actually confirm maximum possible increase in production.



Venkatesh Dwaraganhalli
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TimePosted 16/12/2013 15:48:09

re Introducing a Precalciner

I am not sure whether your idea of incorporation of a Precalciner is still open. Have you already installed the kiln and 4 stage preheater? It would be possible to work out a custom built inline precalciner and preheater for doubling the capacity if preheater is not yet installed. Alternatively,it would be economical to partially precalcine with limited amount of fuel burning at the riser duct. Suggest send the existing installation drawing and your specific requirement as regards required increase in capacity.