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TimePosted 11/04/2018 17:31:40
gks says

Preheater two fan vs one fan system

Dear expert

            Kindly give  view on  design concept  two fan of preheater as PS &KS fan to single preheater fan.

I want redesign  single fan for power saving against two fan system in slc with pyro top &kiln string .

 Basic data for (ps fan= 8.0 kwh/t& ks fan 4.0 kwh /t ) total sp.power=12.0kwh /t

 single fan power= 7.0 kwh /t.( less pressure drop )

  my concern is that due to design area of all PS String vs ks string 60 vs 40 % ratio&feed first four to five hour (with 40%) pass into kiln string .

Can my single fan will work or single fan can selected with same size of cyclone &riser duct in preheater tower each stage from top to bottom

With regards


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