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musayapi says

Clinker FOB Prices Turkey

#Cement   #Clinker   #BauxiteOre  #BasaltCrushedStone    #Dolomite  #MarbleChips   #Limestone  #Calcite#SlakedLime    #quicklime    

(FOB Delivery) Origin Turkey Products :

Grey Cement Bagged cement in sling bags, Grey Cement in big bags, Bulk Cement, Portland Clinker, Gypsum Stone, Bauxite ore, Basalt Crushed Stone, Dolomite, Marble chips, Limestone, Slaked lime, quicklime, Calcite

Loading : Turkey Ports​ ​​

Mediterranean Ports,Aegean Ports, Marmara Ports,Black Sea Ports​ 

Origin Turkey (Export & Trade) Turkey Ports, FOB Delivery



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