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TimePosted 04/01/2020 19:43:30

Dolomit / white cement / filler

We offer a very white 99.8% pure dolomite stone or dolomite powder for white cement production in Europe

- Dolomitstone all size
- Dolomitpowder 90µm, 63µm, 32µm, 15µm, 9µm 	(maximum blaine 13.000)
- Dolomit mix products	(with cement, gypsum or anhydrite, ....)
Our dolomite stone and powder is also used in the following areas:
	- glass industry
	- Concrete Plant as filler
	- plastic industry
	- fertilizer industry  



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TimePosted 28/04/2020 12:09:56

re Dolomit / white cement / filler

what is the price of this power for Asian country Nepal? And is it be available as a genuine quality in Nepal, India.