Truong Giang Phan
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TimePosted 13/05/2020 08:52:18

sell clinker and cement


I'm Giang of Truong Giang Company from VietNam.
We are a supplier of construction stone, limestone, and good clinker in Vietnam. 
We provide competitive prices and good quality.
 If you have a need please let me know your request
 SiO2 (Silicon dioxide): 21.2%- AL2O3 (Aluminum oxide):  5.48- F2O3 ( Ferric oxide):  3.37%- CaO (calcium oxide):  65.84%- MgO (Magnesium oxie):  1.54%- SO3 ( Sulfur oxide):  0.28%- MKN ( Loss on ignition): 0.47%- CKT (Insoluble residue): 0.13%- CaOtd ( Free limre): 1.36%
Tel/Whatsapp: +84336618882/+84985123892




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