Investment cements the future of plant, UK

Investment cements the future of plant, UK
30 September 2004

Lafarge Cement UK has opened a new control room as part of UK£6m investment in its Cauldon Works.

The control system is the latest project to be completed in a UK£6m programme of investment at the works in the last three years.  The control room, which is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, has been equipped with the very latest computer control systems for controlling all the major processes around the factory.

More than 10 miles of optical fibre cable has been installed to take data from, and send instructions to, over 8,000 points around the works, enabling the plant’s skilled personnel to keep the process running efficiently.

Works manager Ian Mycock said: "The completion of this latest system gives us the tools we need to really establish ourselves amongst the best cement works in Europe.

"This really is clever kit. It’s a bit like the computer management system on your car engines.

"We pre-set the best operating conditions for product quality and environmental performance, the system then automatically adjusts the process to hit them again and again.

"Its great news for our customers who are going to get an even better product and the local community who will enjoy the benefit of improved environmental performance."


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