The Global Cement Report™ - 14th Edition

The Global Cement ReportTM is widely acknowledged as the leading statistical reference for the worldwide cement sector.

The Global Cement Report 14th EditionThe forthcoming 14th Edition of The Global Cement ReportTM will provide comprehensive coverage of over 170 countries, featuring new data covering the 2010-20 period, alongside volume forecasts to 2022.

This 375-page report provides cement consumption and production figures, import and export statistics as well as recent pricing information and new plant projects – all in the well-known country-by-country format.

In addition, the report contains an in-depth World overview chapter highlighting the key industry trends, plus company profiles of the leading mulitnational cement producers.

Thoroughly researched by ICR Research’s experienced team of analysts, this report integrates all available market data and combines detailed quantitative analysis with expert assessments to produce the only truly global overview of the cement sector available.

Companion databases
Subscribers to The Global Cement ReportTM automatically gain access to the companion online statistical database and fully-updated plant directory.

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