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Aggregate Solution SA We hold the sole mandate to import SABS approved Portland cement 42.5N, directly from source, and have exclusive agreements with 4 factories worldwide. Our products have received official approval from the SABS, and carry the necessary SARS import licence. We comply with ICC rules and regulations and Incoterms 2000 standard trade definitions As deadlines are critical, we offer a Performance Guarantee on all contracts negotiated. Our Corporate Offer will reflect our firm intent and ability to do Business. The current pricing is US$70 CIF ASWP or approximately R497.00 per ton (24.85 per pocket) which is dependant on volume. The product will be packed in 3-ply Kraft and 1-ply waterproof plastic lines 50-kg bags unitized in 1 or 1,5mt “Jumbo” sling bags. All bags will be marked with the appropriate number and appropriate SABS markings if sold within SADEC countries. SOUTH AFRICAN CUSTOMERS We are in a position to cover all costs related to discharge and clearing costs, Taxes and levies, which includes VAT, and 1 month storage. In other words, the product will be available ex Port warehouse at R36.00 per pocket. Simply collect. We have a warehousing allocation of 50000mt per week at each of the 6 Ports in South Africa. We work with a National Logistics Consortium who make use of both road and rail haulage, and are in a position to move around 6 million pockets per month, should you wish to make use of this facility. Payment shall Irrevocable Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee covering one month’s shipment value with rollovers and extensions.

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