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Independent Trade Agent We require the reliable (Stable) serious partner the supplier. We require: Volume of Cement 4Mta and clinker for cement in unlimited volume. Basis of delivery CIF Spain port Alekante or Cartagena. Payment the Letter of credit of 100 per cent L/C. The representative of the Buyer asks at once to give the draft - contract. The price, which approaches for the Buyer from Spain US$50 . Our commission in this price. In a result the cement should be on conditions CIF Spain US$49/t + 1 dollar our commission. Whether the delivery on such condition is possible? Clinker for Cement it is required of 5Mta. Also representative of the Buyer requires (demands) acknowledgement (confirmation), that such large volume of cement the Seller can put. The acknowledgement (confirmation) from a factory of the manufacturer of cement is necessary. Mobile: + 7 9045405035. Russia. With the best regards Yunusov Gayaz Gazizovich

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