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Alsana Insaat Ltd Our Product is CEM1 42.5R-N GRAY CEMENT - ORIGIN TURKEY. Packing is 50kg 4 Kraft paper bag in 50KG x 30Packs in sling Bag OR 1500kg big bags, with CE certificated. We can not deal with contract which covered all year for protect prices... We can deal only monthly contract for price but we can guarantied full quantity. In internet market there is very big child game playing on. We are not a part of this game... We can offer only what we can do... At the moment the price is 105-115 dollars FOB basis for CEM1 42.5R-N from Turkey. Millions of people can offer you, they can do that deal with 80-90 $USD even CIF price but unfortunately no body can not!!! OUR PRICE IS; FOB price is $105 - $110 USD. Dependent of quantity. CIF Novorossiysk $125 - 131 USD Dependent of shipping cost at these days.(december 2007)

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