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International Ceramic Industries

International Ceramic Industries We are Western India based manufacturers of all types of Refractory Materials including Fire bricks, Low Allumina Bricks, Super Duty bricks, High Allumina bricks, Insulating Bricks, Bottom Pouring Sets, mortars and castables, Refractory anchors, rockwool and cerawool products etc. for all types of Industrial Furnaces and Boilers. We have products of wide range of industrial application including iron and steel industries, coal and coke, glass, cement, ferro alloys, sugar plants, all types of heat treatment industires etc. We are an in process of obtaining ISO 9001 Certification and We export our products to European, African and Gulf countries. We will be glad to know your requriements for Refractory materials enbling us to offer our best services and prices all the time. Best Regards, Rishi Shah Marketing & Services

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