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Van Beek bv Van Beek, located in Drunen the Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer and engineer in high-quality stainless steel screw conveyors for the chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and food industry. Van Beek has over 60 years of experience in the field of bulk handling and therefore knows a lot about flow behaviour and problems that can occur. The company’s customers do not only buy from it because of its high quality products, but also because of its engineering knowledge. The company also has its own fully equipped test centre for testing solutions for its customers. Over 50% of the turnover is sold abroad. Because of the many customers abroad the quality and continuity of the developed products is off course of a very high standard. Themain power of Van Beek is the flexible way it build its machines. Every machine is built according to specific customer specifications. VAN BEEK HAS 3 BUSINESS UNITS: _ classic screw conveyors: to transport bulk goods from A to B, horizontal,vertical or in the exact angle you need _ screw heatexchangers: to warm up or cool down your product in a continuous process _ DINO bulk truck loaders: to load bulk trucks in a quick and safe way DINO BULK TRUCK LOADER Van Beek has a great deal of experience with the bulk truck loader, and has now sold over 350 of these machines worldwide. The extensive experience of customers over the past 20 years has been incorporated in the current design and of course every bulk truck loader complies with all safety regulations. The DINO handles all kinds of granulates and powders for example: PVC, cement, sugar, magnesite, bauxite, plastics, ash, starch, lysine, coals, cokes, alumina,etc.. Because of the many products that can be handled with the DINO, Van Beek’s client base is very wide. Some of Van Beek’s well known clients include Heidelberg Cement Group, Van den Bosch, LaFarge. Talke, Borax, BASF, Katoennatie and Shell. The bulk truck loader is deployed as one of the most effective ways to load a truck with bulk goods. The DINO can be used for goods stored in BigBags, SmallBags and even goods that are loaded with a shovel aren’t a problem. The basic capacity of the DINO is 40 or 80m3 an hour (can be increased depending on the situation of the customer). There is a normal steel andstainless steel version available. All DINOs are collapsible with an hydraulic system and have a hinged cover over the full length of the screw which makes it easy to clean. Mobility is also an advantage of the DINO. With a forklift you can easily drive the DINO around the plant and for longer distances you can fit the DINO in a standard trailer or 40” sea container. The standard machine is very complete and can be equipped with all options necessary for a specific customer situation. Some examples are integrated dust control, cutting knives, sieving screens with shakers, different size inlet hoppers, hardox screw conveyors, widening platforms, fluidizing equipment, etc. A bulk truck loader is not only a tool that saves time, also the safety of the employees is improved considerably. BENEFITS OF THE DINO: _ It saves time _ It’s safe to use _ It’s easy to clean _ It’s low maintenance _ It’s easy to operate _ It’s robust _ It’s mobile, makes it flexible to use _ And it can be started up with a full inlet hopper

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