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Nagman Instruments & Electronics Pvt. Ltd. COMPANY PROFILE / HISTORY-IN-BRIEF Nagman was established in the year 1972 and has been serving the Indian industry with distinction since then. Nagman, starting small, manufacturing RTD / TC sensors, moved on (in the late eighties) to pioneer the concept of portable calibrators (simulators) for Temperature / Pressure under technical guidance from Ametek (Jofra), Denmark and have been manufacturing these calibrators, selling over 10,000 calibrators so far. Nagman, expanding on their technical expertise on portables, developed Comprehensive Calibration Work Stations / Test Benches - for Temperature, Pressure, Electrical parameters - in modular design and over the past decade have (supplied &) installed several hundreds of these benches in many reputed industries. Nagman were also closely associated with M/s. Eurotron – Italy, S.I. Pressure Instruments – U.K., Revue Thommen – Switzerland, Ametek (Europe) - Germany, Tradinco – The Netherlands to market & service their products in India. Nagman, in co-operation with / support from these & other reputed overseas principals, improved on these simple systems to develop & offer highly sophisticated and dedicated Primary And Secondary Standard Calibration Test Benches, including Computer Aided Calibration Systems - comparable in design, performance, features and accuracies to reputed / established International brands like M/s. Scandura - Italy / Beamex - Finland, but at affordable prices. Nagman subsequently developed and introduced several innovative & novel import substitute products including – Hand held Dry Block Calibrators, Advanced Microprocessor based Temperature Calibrators, Portable (Micro) Oil Baths, Black Body Sources (upto 1300°C), Fluidized and Hot Cold Baths, Multi-hole Very High Temperature Dry Block Calibrators (1200°C/1500°C) etc. Many of these Calibrator models are also offered with CE / UL / CSA (U.S.A) Certifications. In addition, Nagman’s Pressure range included Microprocessor based Precision Pressure (Portable / Bench-top) (0.1% / 0.05%) Calibrators, cost-effective range of Dead Weight Testers (Hydraulic & Pneumatic) (0.1%, 0.05% & 0.025% accuracy) and Comparison Testers / Master Gauges. More recently Nagman have developed & introduced their own Pneumatic Hand Pumps (-0.85 to 25 Bar) & a variety of novel Portable / Compact Pressure Calibrators for Pneumatic / Hydraulic applications. Nagman have also developed and introduced several utility Instrumentation Software Packages : including Data Management / Calibration Management (integrates several reputed brands / makes of Calibrators, Digital Multimeters and Test & Measuring Instruments) / Asset – Maintenance Management Software Package etc. and have the capability to accept development of custom design assignments in Instrumentation software. Nagman have built up a sophisticated "Center for Calibration" to fully support – thro’ Traceable Calibrations year after year - above Systems and Calibrators. The facilities include the unique Cross Float DWT Calibration systems, Very High Precision (50 PPM) Dead Weight Testers, Ultra Low Pressure Calibrators, Ultra High Temperature Calibrator (upto 1500°C) Black Body Sources (for IR Pyrometer Calibration – upto 1300°C), Universal Calibration System (Wavetek's Model 9100) among other routine Pressure, Temperature and Electrical Parameter Calibration Standards. This Center for Calibration offers Site (including overseas customer site!) as well as Lab Calibration & even offers Calibrators (Transfer Standards) on Rental! This Center for Calibration also offers structured Training Courses & Seminars on Calibration Methods & Techniques. This Centre for Calibration enjoys the unique distinction of obtaining NABL (equivalent to UKAS) Accreditation (per ISO / IEC 17025/2005) for Thermal / Electro-Technical & Mechanical (Pressure / Mass) parameters to be able to offer Traceable Calibration Certificates. Nagman represent several reputed Overseas Principals in the field of instrumentation and market their products in India. The wide range of products include High Precision Pressure Primary/Secondary Standards, Precision Signal & Multifunction Calibrators, Pressure Calibrators, Manometers, Humidity Calibration Chambers, IR Pyrometers (Online & Portable), Thermal Imaging Cameras & Scanners, Single & Three Phase Digital Power Analyzers, Autotune PID Controllers & a variety of Test & Measuring Instruments [including those for Hazardous (Ex / Flame Proof) applications], Control and Safety Valve Test Rigs etc. in addition to their own calibration instruments / systems and software. Nagman have qualified and overseas trained engineering personnel to offer customers, applications engineering & after sales service support. Nagman with their in-house manufacturing range & support from their extensive overseas principals' product range, are today able to offer customers complete and comprehensive Calibration Lab Packages- including Calibrators (Systems / Test Benches / Portables), integrating System Software, a wide range of Test and Measuring Instruments, Tools and Tackles etc. (For overseas customers - while Nagman’s own products – Portable Calibrators, Dead Weight Testers, Test Bench Systems & Software – will be shipped from India, Nagman’s Overseas Principals products can be drop shipped directly at customer locations). Nagman also offer Consultancy on setting up Calibration Laboratories. No doubt Nagman today is identified as “the total Calibration Solutions Provider!” Nagman, with aforesaid capability, product range and service are recognized and patronised by all leading consultants and project executants and Nagman's customer list reads like a 'who is who' of Indian Industry – encompassing Power / Refinery & Petrochemicals / Fertilizers, Chemicals, Synthetics and other Process Industry Sectors and National Calibration Laboratories / Test Labs like IDEMI / STQC – ERTL / ETDC / CSIR etc. Nagman’s products – Portables, Dead Weight (Comparison) Testers, Calibration Test Benches & Hand Pumps etc. – are being exported regularly to customers in South/North America / U.K. / Europe / Africa / Middle East / South/Far East Asia, China, Australia / New Zealand etc. among the reputed Overseas Customers / users of Nagman Products are Alba Smelter, American Bechtel, Defence Technology Agency, Elgar NIG Oil & Gas, Exxon Mobile, Indorama, NED University, Oman Gas Company Ltd., Saudi Gas Cylinder Company, Siemens - Cadreyta Refinery Project, Sunflag (Thailand) Ltd., V Ships U.K. Limited, Waukesha Electrical Systems, Zadco & many more.... The driving force of the company is its founder Chairman, a thoroughbred dedicated Instrument Professional, (with over 40 years of experience) ably supported by an array of qualified and overseas-trained engineering personnel to offer customers applications engineering & after sales service support. Nagman has an extensive Sales & Service Network (including a Regional Office cum Service/Calibration Sub-Centre at Mumbai, India & distributors throughout the world) to support customers with least delay. Nagman in their unending quest for innovation, continue to work on developing & introducing several novel cost effective (import substitution) products to meet the demands of Indian (& world) industry both from Quality & Economy aspects! Nagman thus are a formidable / powerful combination of experience / expertise / innovation / infrastructure / contacts, connections & association to present you truly cost effective products & services! To enable serve customers more effectively, Nagman are presently expanding their network of “Distributors” worldwide.

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