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Imagine Global Trade Please, let me introduce Imagine Energy. I'm fortunate to be an associate of a leading Seller's Mandate of a prominent Sellers of Cement and Clinker. Our Seller strives to provide his cement products based on expediency and reliability, with competitive pricing. I’m providing a brief listing of quantities verse prices to give you some understanding of our capabilities and pricing range. Minimum order per contract: 600,000 MT per year @ $73 MT – CIF ASWP. Maximum order per contract: 120,000,000 MT per year @ $57 MT – CIF ASWP. Note: prices subject to change based on specifications (destination, packaging, payment terms, cement grades, etc.) Please, provide your specifications regarding your requirements and I’ll submit our Soft Offer to Sell and will provide procedures and stipulations for submitting the LOI or ICPO and BCL. For me to give a reliable soft offer the buyer needs to provide the following information. 1. OPC Grade: 32.5 42.5 or 52.5 2. Standard: I, II, R/N, British or SABS (South Africa) 3. Quantity: monthly shipment x 12 mon., total annual or spot (we can only do 12 month contracts with extensions) 4. Type of Packing: 25 or 50 Kg bag, sling bag (1,1.5 or 2 MT) or bulk 5. Destination: 6. Target price: With an acceptable LOI/BCL in place the Seller’s Mandate is prepare to go to a draft contract. I’ve attached an NCNDA for your convenience. Contact at:

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