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Columbia Industrial Products (CIP Composites)

Columbia Industrial Products (CIP Composites)

CIP Composite material is a laminated plastic material made by impregnating fabric with thermosetting resins. The physical and mechanical properties of all grades of CIP make them excellent bearing materials. CIP composites offer design engineers an attractive, low cost alternative to the traditional materials used throughout industries for bearings, pads, and thrust washers. CIP is only 1/6 the weight of steel, easily machined, has good dimensional stability and contains no harmful or toxic materials. CIP Composite is a non-metallic, high load, high impact, self lubricating, laminate material. Our textiles and thermosetting resins are blended with graphite, moly, PTFE, and other proprietary lubricants which have become major problem solvers for many different industries. CIP does not contain abrasive fillers like calcium carbonate. CIP Composite materials offer many advantages compared to other glass backed composite plastics and steel materials. CIP Composites have a wide range of applications that can be utilized and are especially ideal for pivoting and sliding applications.

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