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Anhui Ningguo Steel Lining .. Lt Anhui Ningguo Steel Lining of the New High-Tech Co., Ltd, which is located in the biggest production base for wear-resistant materials of Asia. That’s the economic development zone of Ningguo city. Ningguo high-tech equipment Ball Manufacturing Co., Ltd is formed by one corporation and two entities. We are professional manufacturer in high and low chromium alloy casting balls and forgings, polybasic alloy casting balls and forgings, polybasic alloy steel linings. Our company has a group of professional and technical personnel whom have engaged in wear-resistant materials for many years. On the base of having high chrome balls and forgings, our company independently researches and develops tough polybasic alloy casting balls and steel linings which resist impact. These products have the features of not broken, good wear-resistance etc. Their physical and chemical properties and the application of indicators had beyond the national standards. In 2005, they passed smoothly China Quality Certification Center CQC-ISO9001-2000, which is the most authoritative quality system certification of products in China. Meanwhile, they are accepted by province iron and steel materials Center for quality supervision and inspection. In addition, "Gao Sheng brand" was regarded as "Chinese famous brand" by related Sectors. Under the condition of existent and convenient facilities, after numerous tests, our company researches and develops the category of new grinding balls, forgings mould once again, which opened a new chapter in the steel mould. It establishes newly the large-scale R & D base of steel mould in China, and provides and transfers the technology of producing high, medium and low chrome cast ball, forging as well as cooperation.

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