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Sealing Technologies May we take opportunity to ourselves, We Sealing Technologies, India is presenting JM Clipper (Parker) USA for Asian Country (Middle East, South and South East) for Oil Seal, all types of Sealing Products. JM Clipper Oil Seal: JM Clipper, USA is Pioneer in manufacturing’s proprietary design is based on a rubber/fiber outer case and elastomeric inner lip integrally molded to form a leak-free bond. A stainless steel garter spring provides the correct interference with the rotating shaft for an effective seal. Clipper Oil Seals are available in over 10,000 sizes in various design with a variety of compounds including fluoroelastomers. JM Clipper is Expertise and Experience in developing products for OEM and Plant application. Clipper Oil seals are used in a wide range of equipment from pumps and gear boxes to construction and mining machinery to industrial equipment. These highly-effective seals are also used in plants in virtually every industry including Primary metals, Pulp and Paper, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Power Generation and more 01. JM Clipper NTC Design - Full Rubber Seal with Metal Insert - Worm Gearboxes, Motor & Pump Application. 02. JM Clipper LUP / LPD Design - For more than 150 mm. Shaft dia. application - Helical Gear boxes. 03. JM Clipper MIST Design Seal - Special Design Seal for Critical Application - Mill Application - Vertical Roller Seals. 04. JM Clipper Split Design Seals - Split Clipper Oil Seals combine durability, effectiveness, and adaptability with easy installation and removal. They provide superior bearing protection and embody a unique principle of design. The Tough, dense outer case and a soft flexible lip are concentrically molded into a single unit. It saves costly downtime, speeds repairs, no back-up plates required. Clipper Split-Seals installs without shaft removal, equipment modification or the use of bore sealants. 05. Heavy Duty DF Design Seal - Fuller ('O' Sepa Seperator) & Loesche Mill Special Design Seals. 06. Wear Sleeve - A Shaft repair product. We are holding stock worth of 3 Million US$ to serve our customer in time. We request you to kindly send your valuable enquiry to enable to give the best price with minimum delivery period. All technical assistance and application Sealing Solutions will be provided by us.

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