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NS Commerce Portland Cement Hello Dear Buyers or Brokers! We are a Serious Company and the official representative of the Seller, the largest supplier of Portland cement 32,5 N/R, 42,5 N/R, 52,5 N/R, Urea 46%N Prilled/Granular and Sugar ICUMSA 45 all over the world. We have a direct contact with the GENUINE SELLER. Our Buyers don’t have suspicions for existence his product. We have GOOD PRICES for a REAL PRODUCT. 100% GUARANTEE DELIVERY!!! Countries of origin of PORTLAND CEMENT: BRAZIL, UAE, UKRAINE, INDIA, INDONESIA, PAKISTAN, EUROPE (ROMANIA, POLAND, TURKISH, SPAIN, GREECE, ITALY, etc.), THAILAND, CHINA, COLOMBIA, VENEZUELA, CIS, etc. Product Name: Portland Cement Grade: 32.5, 42.5, 52.5 Standard: U.S. ASTM-C150, British BS 12/1996, European 1-197/2000 Contract duration in months: Maximum 12 Months Packaging: 50kg, 42.5kg or 25kg 3ply kraft paper bags Export packing: Bulk, Jumbo bagged cement packed in polypropylene 1mt, 1.5mt or 2mt bags. Delivery: 30 to 45 days after opening non-operative L/C Please, for all information which you want to know about Portland cement sends on our E–mail or Skype and you will get our Presentation with all details. With respect and best regards! Ninkov Stevan, Director Zrenjanin, Slavka Muncana 4, Serbia Office: + 381 23 564 362 ; + 381 23 564 363 Fax: + 381 23 538 518 Email: Skype name: ninkov.stevan Web Site:

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Slavka Muncana 4


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