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Active Power Trading 68cc

Active Power Trading 68cc We supply 42.5 construction grade cement in 50kg BRANDED bags. Each 50 kg bag will be branded with your company logo at no extra cost to you. You supply the logo for the printing. This cement has SABS (South Africa) and British UK approval. It is bagged in 50kg Kraft paper bags or PP 'poly' bags wet proofed for ocean freight/shipping. Or in 1.5, 2 or 2 MT bulk packs. The portland cement 42.5 specs can be sent to you. This is an excellent quality product with SABS and British standards met and approved. The quality of the cement will be confirmed by a certificate issued by the independent international survey company SGS (Societe General de Surveillance.) and the SABS. 12-month contracts of 12,500 MT minimum. Please contact me to get our lowest price. With regards, Marisa tel - 082.066.2693 fax - 0866.729.638 Commodities Africa cc Supplying Cement, Chrome, Iron Ore, Copper, Magnesium, Gold, and the world.

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20 Steyn Str
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Charl Cilliers

South Africa

Tel: +27 72 375 2784
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