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HA-Intercontinental Trading

HA-Intercontinental Trading C O M P A N Y P R O F I L E We are very pleased to get in touch with you and present our business model. We are a Trading company established in Slovakia,member of slovak republic chamber of commerce. We act as a worldwide operating TRADER / NEGOCIATOR that have a strong presence in the global markets. INTERCONTINENTAL TRADING Has experience that spans over import-export activities, Logistics, international negotiation, government service, commodity, and general business project management capabilities. INTERCONTINENTAL TRADING Has a unique capacity to deliver quality commodities at lower risk to Governments or individuals via credible and professional partners. INTERCONTINENTAL TRADING Have relationships with credible suppliers,factories, refineries, and consortia groups. INTERCONTINENTAL TRADING represent several companies around the world, credible suppliers,factories, refineries, and consortia groups. INTERCONTINENTAL TRADING source and supply any products from and to any parts of the world. We are specialized for business-to-business solution to promote your business all over the world. 1. Our responsibilities: - To examine requests/offers presented to us. - To verify buyers and sellers respective backgrounds. - To negotiate between producers and/or buyers. - To facilitate business contacts for individual transactions. - To develop business plans for funding, financing and project development. 2. Our Objectives: - To satisfy buyers and/or producers. - To set and maintain a high standard of professionalism. - To research, explore and promote new markets for sellers and buyers. - To expand our network base. - To ensure fair business dealings. 3. Our Mission: - To work only with honest, serious and genuine producers and/or buyers. - To have reliable and competent business partners and associates. - To establish fair and long term business relations worldwide. - To have exclusive availability and performance; depending on projects. - To maintain fair business etiquette at all times. - To keep updated with current market pricing/changes. We remain your credible business solution worldwide.

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