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Raytheon Technologies Is your Organisation is actively involved in Environment Protection and Sustainable Development? We wish to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of Portable hand-held battery operated 'Environmental Noise Pollution Monitor' Model RT-5001 to instantly measure the Noise Pollution Levels inside Offices/Factories/Work Areas, etc. for Environmental Impact Studies. Excessive Noise Levels in Offices, Factories, Work Areas will lead to Cardiac and Nervous Problems in addition to permanent hearing disabilities. Excessive Noise also affects the flora and fauna in Society. This will lead to ecological imbalance and Global Climate Change. Excessive Noise leads to Mental Disorders in Public Areas like Churches, Auditoriums, Public Receptions, etc. Excessive Noise around us leads to 'Occupational Stress' in work areas like Offices, Factories, etc. which ultimately will result in Production Loss anywhere & everywhere in the World. You can solve all the above Problems and create a feeling of Security among the Workers/Employees/Public by using our above "Environmental Noise Pollution Monitor" Model RT-5001 and make your Workers/Employees feel that you are really concerned about their Welfare. The Public/Workers/Employees will feel that they are "IMPORTANT" and thereby the Production Levels can be increased manifold. Monitoring the Noise Levels regularly and keeping it under check will keep humans healthy in addition to sustainable development of Planet Earth. It is our bounden duty to pass-on an environmental friendly Green Earth to the next generation. Model RT-5001, in addition to a Safety Device, can also be used as a Maintenance Tool since most machineries used in Industries create more Noise due to lateral/axial vibrations before complete breakdown. Hence, regular Monitoring of Noise Levels will enable Maintenance Engineers to undertake preventive/predictive measures to bring downtime to a minimal level. In case you are interested in buying our above Product for your Company as also for your Network around the World, please write to us. We will be too happy to have your esteemed Organization in our Customers' List. Thanks & Best Wishes. for RAYTHEON TECHNOLOGIES, Chennai, India. K.A.MADAN, Manager - Customer Services. Phone : 91+44+2449 2285. FAX : 91+44+2449 1647 e.mail : NOTE:- * All Correspondence in English only, please.

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