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ABB Switzerland Ltd ABB is a global leader in providing state-of-the art technology to cement producers. The company’s worldwide strong local presence provides complete support through the lifecycle of an installation – including engineering, training, commissioning, service and support – every day of the year. Because of its vast global resources, ABB can provide you with many advantages, from supplying a single product to delivering large turnkey electrification for all stages of cement-making. Our experience is unmatched, with a track record of supplying complete electrification for more than 150 cement plants worldwide. Dedicated to excellence in cement, ABB develops a customer-specific approach which covers the complete value-added chain, from your quarry to the product you market. ABB’s commitment to energy efficiency: ABB is well positioned to help you achieve industrial and energy efficiency as well as environmental compliance with products, systems and services that ensure product quality, minimize environmental impact and reduce costs. ABB now also offers you an integrated system for the effective utilization of waste heat in your plant. Heat that was previously wasted can be converted into electricity – efficiently, economically and CO2-free. The reliable equipment and proven technical solutions ensure the efficient use of energy without jeopardizing the quality and productivity of a cement plant. Power distribution: We offer the broadest range of high, medium and low voltage equipment for switching and distributing electrical power to the cement plant. Solutions are engineered for safety, flexibility and security to keep operations running day and night, including emergency power generation and UPS, industrial sub-stations, harmonic correction equipment, switchgear and transformers. Drives applications: Selecting the right drive system for a particular application requires knowledge and experience within the process environment. ABB manufactures motors and drives from the sub-kilowatt to the megawatt ratings for cement plants. As the world’s largest producer of variable frequency drives ABB draws on its extensive cement industry knowledge to select the best drives to increase throughput, reliability and energy efficiency of your operations. Control and instrumentation: Whether you are building a Greenfield plant or extending or modernizing an existing plant, ABB’s IndustrialIT solutions provide tailored automation solutions that use real-time data, enabling constant monitoring and analysis of your process combined with improved asset availability. ABB is a leader in providing you with immediate access to essential information. This is where our advanced cement information management solutions help in proactive decision-making. With complete access to plant and operating data from a single “window”, you can deploy personnel and resources decisively and effectively. ABB also provides a wide range of instrumentation products for cement industry processes such as continuous gas analyzer systems for process gas measurements, emission monitoring, online measurements for bulk materials, as well as instrumentation for other specific applications. Collaborative production management solutions: ABB's suite of solutions for the cement industry allow you to move towards optimum plant performance by improving your plant operations and reliability, process efficiency and product quality by supplying you with the best methods to meet requirements and goals. Our award winning optimization solutions are optimizing more than 400 processes world-wide and are helping many customers to make effective use of alternative fuels and materials. And there are also solutions for connectivity which enable a full exchange and view of information between all critical business systems. Services: ABB has an extensive network of service centers all over the world to support your local facilities. Our expert field engineers are available day and night to diagnose, repair, upgrade, install or perform on-site maintenance. Our preventive maintenance programs and life-cycle support contracts, as well as our offerings for training, help you to reduce direct maintenance costs, improve operational reliability and to increase revenues.

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