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Baghiat Engineering Services & Trading Company

Baghiat Engineering Services & Trading Company BEST is a full-service engineering company active in different industries and specialising in the mineral processing industry with an extensive experience in cement. Our comprehensive range of services provides effective, innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to our clients’ technical and managerial needs. BEST Company is the result of the cooperation between highly skilled and experienced managers, engineers and other qualified personnel in the cement industry. Success in the cement industry depends on the ability to integrate the latest productivity-enhancing technologies with the existing plant, and to ensure the necessary expertise and competence on the factory floor. We in the BEST Company understand these challenges. Our desire and ability to understand customer needs and to provide the right solution is critical to the satisfaction of our customers. Our philosophy is to collaborate as a team with the client to identify and understand their needs. BEST Company with the skills & knowledge of its personnel and experiences gained from different projects is now capable of designing and manufacturing all sorts of machinery in the cement industry.

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