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Industrial Innovations LLC

Industrial Innovations LLC INDUSTRIAL INNOVATIONS CONTINUES TO REVOLUTIONIZE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Industrial Innovations, LLC, designs innovative products for the construction industry including the Eradicator and Master Extractor. This patented space age technology greatly impacts and enhances productivity and safety while dramatically reducing costs for the extraction of embedded structures, The Eradicator has been certified by the NASA Space Technology Outreach Program as a premier technology. The ERADICATOR is a very versatile tool and will be a tool for every concrete , fence installer and utility contractor. A recent customer indicated that if there is a need for top quality work and high productivity while minimizing labor and material and medical cost on a project, the ERADICATOR AND ACCESSORIES is a MUST HAVE tool! See website for more detailed information

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Houston Texas

United States

Tel: +1 410 975 0377
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