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Jiashan Roncan Slide Bearing Company

Jiashan Roncan Slide Bearing Company Bronze bushings, bronze bearings, wear plates and bronze continuous cast bars are manufactured by Jiashan Roncan Slide Bearing Company In china. Our foundry can make according to your quantity and drawings We offer a complete line of cast bronze bushings and oil impregnated sintered bronze parts. Cast bronze sleeve bushings, flanged bushings and wear plates are available with oil grooves, graphite grooves and graphite plugs for lubricity. In addition to our standard sizes, bronze bushings up to 2500mm in diameter under 3 tons are available in a variety of copper alloys. Our products are often supplied to the hydraulic, pump, diesel engine and compressor industries. We specialize in precision-machined bronze parts such as valve guides, hydraulic packing glands, thrust washers, seal rings, power transmission parts, sleeves and gear blanks. email:

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