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Claisse World leader in sample preparation by fusion for XRF spectrometry, Claisse offers automatic fusion apparatus and platinum-ware for bead preparation (M4 Fluxer, TheBee electric Fluxer, and TheOx multi-position electric Fluxer). Industry leading fused fluxes (Lithuim tetraborate, lithium metaborate...) feature the lowest moisture/highest purity with integrated non-wetting agents. See the new weighing/dosing machine “TheAnt” and the “rFusion Modular System” for the latest in automated fusion capabilities. Claisse offers also certified reference materials.

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Parc technologique de Québec
350, rue Franquet
Suite 45
Quebec, Quebec

G1P 4P3

Tel: +1 418 656 6453
Fax: +1 418 656 1169