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Apex Instruments Inc

Apex Instruments Inc Apex Instruments was established in 1988 as an American-owned company with worldwide impact. For more than 22 years, Apex Instruments has manufactured equipment for sampling emissions from industrial chimneys, smoke stacks and for a multitude of source testing industries. When the EPA Clean Air Act was established in 1990 and guidelines setup for the EPA Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR) in 2005, Apex Instruments was at the forefront of product design, method evaluation and implementation. Our equipment is designed by a staff of experienced stack testers who understand your compliance testing needs. We provide testing consoles, probes, pitots, umbilicals, glassware, filters and much more. Apex custom designs and fabricates equipment for isokinetic, mercury, gas and particulate sampling that is versatile and easy to use. Apex Instruments is committed to offering quality equipment at economical and competitive prices.

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