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Jiehua Holdings Co Ltd In today’s processing and manufacturing facilities,efficiency and performance of filtration systems and equipments are critical for industrial productivity, and downtime must be prevented, reliability and durability must be ensured. Our products and solutions can realize them. Founded in 1974, Jiehua holdings Co,.Ltd is the leader and original industry pioneer in fabric filters such as baghouses. Jiehua offers a comprehensive range of reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use particulate filtration equipment such as fabric filter baghouses, cyclone duct collectors. When you select Jiehua, you not only select a partner with experience and knowledge, you select quality products and services from the pioneer in process filtration improvement. We hold the win-win attitude to cooperate with partner around the world. Therefore, you can buy our products and services,and you also can act as our global agent. We are eagerly looking forward to your replay. The detailed document is attached about our products and services. For more information,you can contact us and visit our official website

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