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TBC China Sourcing Co Ltd

TBC China Sourcing Co Ltd TBC CHINA SOURCING CO., LTD. is an internationally recognized buying expertise provider for companies which are looking for developing their buying / sourcing from China. We enable our customers to achieve competitive advantage by working directly with Chinese suppliers without utilizing any trading company or intermediary. We act as a world class professional buying / sourcing agent, consultant and representative. We provide factories list and remarks, which can enable customers to choose and bargain personally. We are your credible and reliable business partner in assisting your buying from China after years successful experience. Of cource we also sell mosaic,quartz stone,slate,flooring,kitchen countertop and building meterials .ifyou like it,you can send e-mail to me.

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NO303, Chihai, Nanzhuang, Fosan, Guangdong
NO.303 Cihai, Internation

Tel: +86 757 82535022
Fax: +86 075782535077

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