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ABCO Plastic Weaving Technology ABCO PLASTIC WEAVING TECHNOLOGY is one of the biggest woven and knitted plastic manufacturers in Turkey, today. In year 1996 Company have started activity at manufacturing field by adding its entrepreneurship on its 30 years business experience and have been one of the leading companies of Turkey in its sector with 5 production facilities on 126.000 m2 area. Our factories are located at the Southern part of Turkey very close to Meditterranean Sea and thus we have easy access to main ports to ship the orders of our customers. At this moment we are exporting to US, main European markets like Germany, Italy, Spain, Eastern European markets like Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia and almost all of the Middle Eastern countries. Exported goods count for over 50% of the total of our production. Our company is using the best possible technology from Starlinger Austria for extrusion and weaving machines, Karl Mayer for knitting, Sulzer for Flat Weaving and Sima for Twines. Due to continuous expansion policy we have one of the biggest production capacities for the above items in our region including Turkey and neighbouring countries. We have ISO-9001 Quality Assurance Certificate and a good laboratory for controlling the process in our production. Our new product “Block Bottom Bags with Valve” is being produced with AD Star Technology from Starlinger/Austria. By using the most advanced Starlinger machines for all processes from making of tapes to weaving, lamination & printing to confection and we provide top quality Block Bottom products to our clients. We would like to introduce our new product AD-Star Block Bottom Valve Bags to the Cement producers and hopefully be informed about the purchasing bids of this item. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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