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Shiva Parvathi Handloom Works We manufacture different types of nylon woven products. Our products are widely used across India. We are in this business from very long time. Our products are best known for their superior quality and performance. These would be manufactured on specially designed looms by experienced weavers. We are well appreciated by our customers for the quality of our products. We make truly endless and open ends nylon Belts and Ropes. We take a 100% pure nylon lengthy yarn to the required length and prepare an end less wrap out of it and then weave on looms, as such there would be no knot in the yarn and no joint at all in the any item we manufacture in the end less form. The joint of the any end less product we made comes in the weaving itself, because of this the product gets extra stiffness, flexibility, and durability. After weaving on the looms, these products would be coated with special types of chemicals and Fevicol to minimize elongation in the original production environment. The chemical coating not only decreases the elongation but also increases the life time of the product. All the belts and ropes are made out of Pure Nylon and are abrasion resistant, shock resistant. Primarily our catalog includes: Nylon Woven Chemical Coated Belts Nylon Elevator Belts , Nylon Dryer Belts, and Nylon transmission Belts. These are quite extensively used in Para boiled rice mills and flour mills. These are available in four plies and six plies. In Andhra Pradesh and some areas in north India (Punjab) these belts are quite extensively using. Nylon Woven Chemical Coated Hammer Belts These belts are used in forging industry to lift the forging hammer. These belts are also known as drop stamp belts. These are made in six plies. Nylon Interlock Woven Ropes These are also known as lifting ropes and hammer ropes. These interlocking ropes are especially used in marines and in many other industries as lifting ropes. Nylon Interlock Endless Woven Ropes We are manufacturing in 100% nylon as truly endless rope. These ropes are used in cigarette industry. Nylon Twisted Ropes These are used textile industry in power looms, spinning mills. These also widely used as sewing machine belts.

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