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N R D Industries Dear Sir, We appreciate that you took time from your busy day to take attention to this message, please view this mail in .Please allow us to introduce ourselves, we are N R D Industries. We are the distributor of KALMATRON®, a SUPER CONCRETE ADDITIVE that we believe has no equal in the United States or world-wide. Below is a brief description of products, and also enclosed is more literature for the same. KALMATRON®: Kalmatron® Corporation has been established by the owners of patents, technologies, and trademark of Kalmatron® products. Kalmatron® Corporation is the manufacturer and supplier of its products for the building industry on the world market by appointed agencies and companies. The Kalmatron® concept was discovered by Dr. Alex V. Rusinoff in 1982. First production began in 1992. The Kalmatron® theory created different mechanisms of cement grain decay, which gives numerous technologies for repair and building of new structures with highest performance of durability. Experimental approval of the Kalmatron® theory “Rusinoff’s Osmotic Oscillator” was published in Dundee University, Scotland, in 1990. Patents issued for conceptual products are registered in the United States of America #5,728,208; #5,728,428. The trademark Kalmatron® is registered in the USA #2,724,832. Kalmatron® products are designed for repairing damaged structures as remedial coats with patching materials and for building of new ones as the unique admixtures provided with the highest performance of given functions and economical advantages. New generation of Kalmatron® concrete admixtures revolutionized the world of concrete technologies. Our admixtures are designed to upgrade conventional concrete to high performance one that capable to work with salted and contaminated aggregates, in acidic, ionized, and isotopic environments. Kalmatron® repair products primarily used for old, contaminated, and mostly irreparable building structures. Huge repair market requests more and more technologies from conventional repair technology to rehabilitation of concrete structure, where Kalmatron® products are leading on the world market. Kalmatron’s® main distinction from other products is the improvement of undeveloped features of cement grains by changing the gel-crystalline ratio in the cement structure. The significance of it is change of concrete theology with upgrading of durability. Numerous improvements of Kalmatron® products and conceptual inventions continue as a response on everyday industry needs. We provide consulting service and engineering design in the fields of repair, restoration, conditions of emergency and new constructions. We are the only company in the world that can provide following services for the profitable development of KALMATRON® products: Research and development of new protective building materials is our priority in the field of concrete structural durability. We will provide your project with specified products or licensed technologies. We'd like to propose the multifunctional liquid plasticizing concrete admixture K100. Product performs concrete batch plasticity, non shrinkage and non cracks performance and liquid impermeability of concrete structure. Please, open attachments for your review and consideration. For overseas customers we supply chemical concentrate of K100 in a form of slurry. It reduces cost on a product by itself and sea freight. For example, 1 Kg of slurry produces 6 Kg of K100 applicable into 6 m3 of concrete mix. It's all about polymers which are never been known for durability and accepted by Int. sanitary foundation. It is a past of civilization. Thousands of domes are built in the USA made of shotcrete with KF-A by our mix design Plastcrete as attached to this letter ( Thousands miles of water carrying pipe lines and aqueducts are repaired by Kalmatron, which saved trillions of dollars to replace them. We ensure you to provide the best services and technical back-up to your applications. Please contact us at for more information regarding the information mentioned above or enclosed within. Thanking you in advance for your time and hoping to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Mr. Dilip Shah N R D Industries 14 Whittlesey Avenue West Orange. NJ 07052. USA Cell No: 1-848-391-1248 E-mail :,, Dr. Alex Rusinoff Tel No 1 415 385 3290

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