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Aaditya Ceramics Inc Dear Customer, We would like to introduce our self on behalf of our manufacturing company ‘Aaditya Ceramics Pvt Ltd’ as the sales and marketing division for refractory material for the North and South American market. We are based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Our manufacturing company is ISO 9001:2008 registered and is located in India. Product manufactures are as under: 1. Refractory Material 2. High Alumina Brick (Super duty, High duty, Medium duty & Low duty) 3. Castable Refractory (Normal 1400º C, Super 1500º C, Fire Heat ‘C’ 1640º C, Fire Heat ‘K’ 1700º C) 4. Special Shape Brick 5. Fire Clay 6. Fire Cement/Mortar (Dry/Wet) (Heat Resistant Cement) 7. Refractory Anchors Our product is available in low to super duty quality for bricks, with different temperature tolerances for other products as well. Shapes such as arches, wedges and keys are also available. We offer consistent quality product to customer requirement. We supply our material to all ‘OEM’ manufacture – power generation, steel plant, forging plants, smelting plant, cement plants, sugar mills, refineries and oil and gas plants. Presently we export to North & South America, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Middle East, East Africa, Sudan, Jordan, Kenya, Uganda, Malaysia and South Asia. We would be happy to assist Industries round the place and look forward to a long-term relation ship. Our manufacturing company website is We thank you for attention to above matter and would be glad to quote on your requirements. Thanking You, Yours truly, Aaditya Ceramics Inc. Ameet Shah (Director)

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