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XRF Scientific Ltd

XRF Scientific Ltd XRF Scientific is one of the world's leading suppliers of technologically designed products to solve sample preparation problems; resulting in a consistent and more precise material characterisation. Our Specialist Divisions to partner, support and service your needs are: XRF Chemicals - Lithium Tetraborate / Lithium Metaborate flux range with speciality additives or internal standards. XRF Labware - Platinum & Platinum alloy laboratory items. Crucibles, Moulds Evaporating dishes etc. Complete service with metal exchange, refining and technical support. XRF Technology - Sample preparation Machines designed to produce permanent and homogeneous glass disks under accurately reproducible conditions. From gas and electric furnaces to fully automated robotic processes. Our head office is located in Perth, Western Australia and we are represented globally through a network of distributors.

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98 Guthrie Street
Osborne Park
Western Australia

Tel: +61 892440600
Fax: +61 892440600