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Cement Product Industry

Cement Product Industry

Three major cement companies of Saudi Arabia established Cement Product Industry (CPI) in the year 1972. - Saudi Cement Company - Yamama Cement Co. - Arabian Cement Co. The company has expanded its operations since its inception and now it has become one of the leading Paper Bags manufacturing unit in the Middle East.

Cement Product Industry can provide its clients with a wide variety of glued valve bags for industrial use. This variety includes the below mentioned types of bags but they are not limited: Bags are made up of 2, 3, and 4 plies of high quality paper for filling of cement, building materials, petrochemical industry, chemical products, auxiliary materials for the construction use. CPI can also provide PE coated Paper Bags. The above mentioned sacks can be manufactured in commonly used sizes shown below: Bag width min: 18 cm, max: 75 cm Bag length min: 25 cm, max: 116 cm Bottom bag width min: 7 cm, max: 18 cm

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