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M2Linx Design S.L.

M2Linx Design S.L.

M2Linx is specialized in manufacturing of AUTOMATIC Truck Bag Loader (TBL ™) that is the automatic loading of bags directly onto the truck, AUTOMATIC Container Bag Loader (CBL), and Palletizer (PBL4500).

Our Truck Bag Loader holds record for the fastest truck bag loading machine in the world with an optimum speed of up to 3500 bags/hour.

Our Container Bag Loader allows to load bags or boxes into the container or closed trucks fully automatic. It is the best solution for automatic loading with an optimum speed up to 3.000 bags/h.

As M2Linx is leader in this sector, it offers the excellent quality, innovative and high-tech product oriented approach, and steadfast after-sales services, to all of its´ customers. Our products are designed and conducted by highly professional engineers and researchers who have in-depth knowledge of the latest industrial technologies and tools, and also the up-to-dated advanced and a step ahead awareness in industrial and ergonomic automation.

The primary operational sectors of M2Linx are CEMENT and Gypsum Industries, and as well agri-food sectors such as loading of, sugar, flour, coffee, animal feed and other cereals. The loading of cement, plaster, animal feed, plastics and fertilizers sector where the Truck Bag Loader (TBL™) is highly productive and cost effective. Our company is situated in Barcelona, the world’s famous port and a prominent business hub, which open so many doors to have an easy access and feasible business approaches and opportunities in International market to our clients. Being one of the pioneers of Truck Bag loaders with significant revenues in RDI , M2Linx delivers the latest engineering outcome of the automatic truck bag loading industry in the world.

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Name: Hepy Setya
Role: Business Development Officer
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