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LGC Industrials

LGC Industrials takes pride in providing our customers with high-quality reference materials needed to make mission-critical decisions. Every day, our customers ensure safety, compliance, and confidence for critical infrastructures around the world. Now more than ever, at a time when certainty matters, it’s important that our customers stay up and running with products they can rely on to continue to ensure public safety and confidence.

LGC Industrials deliver reference materials at the highest quality enabling you to Measure the Difference. We understand that all labs have a diverse set of requirements and use different techniques to carry out their testing which is why we provide RMs & CRMs for analytical techniques such as ICP, ICP-MS, AA, XRF, and more. Reference materials may be a small portion of what helps you make an informed decision in the safety of the world’s infrastructures but we take that job seriously.

We take pride in working with our customers to bring them products they can trust but we partner with them to help solve real-world problems when they arise. Our network of expert’s partner with you to provide the expertise you need to move your important work forward. Our solutions and team help you focus on making effective mission-critical decisions that must be right the first time.

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