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Air emission control Question 1

Our ESP on our long dry kiln (2520tpd) is out of order. A certain company has recommended instead of the ESP to insta...

Re: Air emission control

I am afraid I cannot see many merits to this suggestion. It is common practice to condition (humidify and cool) the g...

Air emission control Question 2

Do you think that pre-dedusting in a raw mill circuit by means of cyclone with a separation efficiency of 91-93 will ...

Re: Air emission control

I cannot foresee that reduces the load of dust entering a filter will have any detrimental effect on its performance....

Air emission control Question 3

Our government is starting to limit NO x emissions from cement kilns and the regulation, as I heard, was more severe...

Re: Air emission control

The NO x emissions arise from two sources: (i) the nitrogen in the fuel as you say, and (ii) "thermal" NO x from th...