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Bond index and energy index?

Dear Expert here my some question regarding Bond and energy index 1.) What is the basis differenc between th...

Difference in kWH and kW?

Dear Expert   can you please clearify what is the basic differnece between kWH and kW and where we use this ...

cement blaine and residue on 45 micron control?

Dear expert    can you please share your opinion about the what are the main levers to control the blaine an...

re CaSO4 regular testing in lab and lab ball mill design?

Dear experts   any sharing about Lab grinding ball mill  ( as mention earlier thread)  please share.   ...

So2 & So3 rule?

Dear All   please correct my understanding. So2 generally form in side the kiln and preheter :>In...

re clinker 28 day strength?


re clinker 28 day strength?

yes it's drop please give your opinion for increase   regards raju verma

re Impact of P2O5 in clinker and cement chemically?

Dear Ted thanks for the explaination but it's all about the clinker phase but  I really want to know impact P2O...

re clinker 28 day strength?

Dear Ted.   I gone through the details and found mainly fineness of the cement one of the important paramete...

re role of iron and alumina in liquid phase?